Minnesota Music Cafe

On the edge of beautiful downtown saint paul...
Where the food is great and the music is cooking!


8/31/2016 Wednesday Minnesota Metal Night
9/2/2016 Friday The Legendary Wee Willie Walker and The We R Band
9/3/2016 Saturday The Roxxy Hall Band
9/4/2016 Sunday Johnnie Brown Show
9/6/2016 Tuesday Rare Pharaohs 7:00 Jaybee and The Routine 9:30
9/7/2016 Wednesday Band E Jam 7:00
9/9/2016 Friday GB Leighton
9/10/2016 Saturday The Good, The Bad, and The Funky
9/11/2016 Sunday wee willie walker & the we R BAND 4-8PM HARMONICA SUMMIT 1-3PM
9/13/2016 Tuesday Nova Jazz 7:00 Jaybee and The Routine 9:30
9/14/2016 Wednesday Black Sun Artist Group
9/15/2016 Thursday BFG Entertainment Night!
9/16/2016 Friday Westside Band
9/17/2016 Saturday Ruff Ryders Event
9/20/2016 Tuesday River City Jazz 7:00 Jaybee and The Routine 9:30
9/22/2016 Thursday THE FINESSE BAND
9/23/2016 Friday Boogie Wonderland
9/24/2016 Saturday Minnesota Metal Night
9/25/2016 Sunday Private Event
9/27/2016 Tuesday Dirty Shorts Brass Band 7:00 Jaybee and The Routine 9:30
9/29/2016 Thursday Matt Trost and Friends
9/30/2016 Friday The Not Guilty Band